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Non-Profit Fundraising

Tax exempt non-profit organizations can earn money on every transaction they and their donors make simply by getting setup with their own portal at SHOP.COM®. Buying office supplies or essentials for the home? Shop through the portal at thousands of partner stores! The best part? IT'S FREE. It gives a simple solution for 24/7/365 donations! People buy what they are already buying, while supporting their non-profit, and earn FREE cashback for themselves all at the same time. It may sound too good to be true, but it's not. The website is always open, manages specials, advertises discounts, compares prices between different stores and more without any work from the NPO! 

Schedule a time to talk more about the goals and mission of your non-profit so we can best serve your cause. Ask all of your questions about the fundraising program. Then let's open your FREE fundraising account!

SHOP.COM® - SHOP LOCAL is a great place for business owners and individuals to leverage the money that they are already spending. Office supplies, travel, client dinners, and tax filings are all eligible purchases to earn free cashback AND use as write-offs. By shopping at over 4,000 stores that have partnered with, both online and in your community, you'll be able to earn up to 50% CASHBACK on your purchases. Some business-focused examples are FedEx Office, Staples/Copy&Print, Home Depot, Travelocity,, eSmart Tax, TurboTax, and eGift Cards by

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An outstanding internet presence can make or break your business these days. It can also break the bank! With maWebCenters® you have full-service web solutions at an affordable cost. Whether you are looking for responsive web site designs, email accounts, domain name registration, SEO solutions, eCommerce capabilities, Google and Facebook advertising, social media management, complete web site management or more, maWebCenters® has you covered. Enjoy unlimited support, upgrades, and site modifications that appear real time. Also, every sale helps raise money for our partnered non-profit accounts.

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Offering a variety of services such as traditional merchant accounts, eCommerce integration, virtual terminal management and more, iTransact has something for everyone. Saving most merchants 10-25% in fees using the planet's largest payment processing network while offering unparalleled support, iTransact proves to be superior to the competition. Ensuring the security of your customers and your business reputation, iTransact is Level 1 PCI Compliant and uses the latest TLS encryption for all transactions. Every active iTransact account also helps raise money for our partnered non-profit accounts.

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People are hearing more and more about wellness and prevention these days while spending billions of dollars in the health and wellness industry. Help your patients navigate this field by offering in-house wellness solutions that will change their lives. With the insurance industry constantly changing and placing more restrictions on coverage, it's important for people to take charge of their health on a day to day basis and for the licensed health professional to make an ancillary income stream. nutraMetrix® has helped a variety of licensed health care professionals work wellness solutions into their practices for the last decade. Let nutraMetrix® help you next! Every health professional account opened also helps raise money for our partnered non-profits.

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Debt Shredder

With our easy to use online tool, you can minimize both time and interest paid on all debt. Our solution provides useful information and smart, specific guidance for finding savings opportunities unique to each user. We want to help people understand and do more with their money. The key is to make your money work smarter, with your existing income. Debt Shredder calculates the fastest ways to pay off your mortgage and consumer debt, and build a substantial savings nest egg based on your specific income, payments, living expenses and financial goals. You never have to guess which loans to pay off first, when to pay or how much to send. Also, every Debt Shredder account opened helps raise funds for our partnered non-profits.

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