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Creating Your Free Shopping Account


Looking to support a particular business or non-profit by shopping on their personalized website? This video walks you through the steps to create your own free shopping account at the correct site.

Support AE Global Solutions and all partnered non-profits by creating your free shopping account at

Finding Partnered Stores


What stores are partnered with

Watch this video to learn how to find specific partnered stores, cashback offered, hot deals, store conditions, and more. At the end, there is a little tip on using for your travelling adventures! 

Download and Utilize ShopBuddy


The ShopBuddy Widget downloads and attaches to your internet browser on your laptop or desktop computer. It notifies you when you come across a partnered store contracted with ShopBuddy through With one click you're logged in and earning cashback for yourself while supporting non-profit organizations!

Shop Local


Learn how to link your card to your account so you can earn cashback at our local partner stores! Can you guess which cities have the most available stores? Find out in this video!

eGift Card Center


The eGift Card Center on is one of our customers favorite stores! You can use them yourself or send as gifts, all while getting cashback for something you would buy anyway! 

This video walks you through the steps to purchase and activate gift cards. 

Shopping Advisor

Coming Soon...

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